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Minna Li

Minna Li
Flushing, New York

Minna Li

Tax Accountant

Experience senior tax advisor and tax accountant
Graduated from Baruch Zicklin School of Business with Accountant Bachelor, CPA candidate
Tax knowledge in various industries, includes Food&Beverage restaurants, Real Estate House Rental/Flipping, Transportion, Consulting, and In store/Online Retail, etc.
Fluent with English and Madarin
Proficiency in preparing individual tax return, and business returns such as for C-corporation, S-corporation, Limited Liability Company, and Sole Proprietorship.

Knowledgeable in recording business books/write-off, analyze financial statements, file sales tax, and setup employer/employee payrolls

Extensive tax and accounting experience for over three years, and used to handle 400 small business clients and prepared thousands of tax returns through tax season

Provides tax strategy advisory/consulting to reduce client's tax liability and maximize the refund

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