Estate and Succession Planning

Planning for the distribution of your estate can be a daunting task.  Complex laws and tax rules surrounding trusts, estates and inheritances require careful planning and sometimes, tough decisions.  Our professionals have years of experience in helping clients effectively arrange for their desired legacy to pass on to families and charities.  We can look at your financial situation in the immediate and long-term to help you understand the impact of your decisions on your estate and your future beneficiaries.

Our Professional are well trained and have the expertise to provide the maximum overall benefits for our clients. Many of the services we provide relating to trusts and estates are interrelated to such an extent that decisions made with regard to one area can significantly impact another area. We offer a wide range of estate succession planning and related services including:

  • Reviewing all estate-related documents (wills, trusts, etc.)

  • Reviewing titling of assets to maximize estate tax efficiency

  • Minimization of estate and capital gain taxes

  • Maintaining liquidity

  • Optimizing lifetime transfers between spouses

  • Transferring assets into trust