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Process payroll on the Air (DD & Check)

Processing payroll on the Air enables employees to receive deposits more quickly than with paper checks. Plus our direct deposit service expedite their payment to be automatically divided among different checking and savings accounts. Your employees should receive checks that have full pay-stub information with current and year to date totals. You should have the option to have your signature pre-printed on the checks. And you should have check options like pressure-seal checks that are already sealed up so anyone in your office can pass them out.


Whatever pay method you use at your industry, our payroll team adapts to work closely with you. Simply handles multiple pay rates for each employee; even those who work in multiple states. Automatically calculates all taxes, benefits, deductions, and additional garnishments.

Usability is simplified and streamlined as payroll entry is done via one window

Our payroll team guides you through each step of the process of printing reports, printing checks, posting, etc. Moreover, all these features are offered as part of our basic service-no extra charges will surprise you along the road.