State & Local Tax

State & Local Tax Services designed to help U.S. businesses appropriately manage their state & local taxes, which in many cases make up one-half or more of the total tax burden. State and local taxes, which are quite complex and vary widely across jurisdictions, include sales/use, payroll/employment taxes, property taxes, and income taxes at both the state and local level.

At Accountants on Air we assists businesses of all sizes with planning and compliance in connection with State and Local tax requirements. We employ a full complement of SALT experts ready to provide you with planning and solutions to your SALT issues whether you are conducting business in one, several or all 50 states.

Our dedicated team of state and local tax professionals can help you understand and navigate the challenging tax world. While you focus on your business, we focus on the tax implications of your business by helping you take advantage of tax incentives and credits while helping you maintain compliance with the state. Whether you do business in one state or the 50 states.