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About us

Accountants on Air is highly skilled Accounting firm offering inventive accounting services and tax planning solutions for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals who live in US or abroad. Our main target is to assist our client wherever they located. We use the latest technology development in tax policy, legislation and Administration. Our engagement to provide our clients with a service consolidates quality, connectivity, responsiveness and insight. Our practise system is advocated by vigorous and  accurate approach that focuses persistently to provide the most convenient and simple way to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Accountants on Air is a newborn idea that was delivered by a young ambitious entrepreneur, who wanted to change the concept of Accounting practice in the new world that we living in by providing the most convenient ways to assist clients and Accountants using the most technological tools to offer the highest quality services to all the client anywhere and everywhere.

As time goes Accountants on Air’s team will be spreading worldwide, our commitments to clients exceeds client's’ expectation. Our team of CPAs and EAs and experienced practitioner are devoted to education and lifelong learning as they are central to building strong communities. We always looking to serve our clients at any time they seek our assistance. Also, client would be very welcome to physically meet any of our accountants if it's needed. We try the best to save our clients’ time and effort to maximize their profit, where we will be working on minimizing their financial burden, remove all the obstacles, and skillfully manage their tax obligations.

Accountants on Air is the number one world air accounting firm that connects professional with clients, providing all the services needed in the speed of Air.