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Non-Profit Organization



Accountants on Air Non For Profit Organization practise presents innovative solutions to nonprofit organizations, helping clients position their organizations to obtain proper fun- ding in a fiercely competitive environment.

Nonprofit organizations include everything from neighborhood associations that meet a couple of times a year and have no assets, to large universities and foundations with billions of dollars in assets. They include soup kitchens and traditional charities that serve the poor as well as a local church, Mosque, the Chamber of Commerce, the Sierra Club, the United Steel Workers Labor Union, and the Metropolitan Opera. Nonprofit organizations can be divided by the subsection of the United States Internal Revenue Code 501(c).

Our Mission

We work year round with management and board of directors in developing sound strategies to help them adapt to a landscape altered by changes in regulations and funding models. We advise on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Income Taxes
  • Concentrations Risk
  • Form 990 – A public window into your nonprofit
  • Compensation and benefits strategies