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Health care & Life Sciences

Medical trends: Innovate. Create. Explore

Maneuvering complexities in the life sciences and healthcare industries is no easy task. Successfully competing in the space requires a partner with an extensive, collaborative approach and a global perspective. It calls for a strategy informed by asking the right questions and rooted in identifying creative solutions to your unique challenges. Today, healthcare, life science and pharmaceutical companies face an ever-increasing number of commercial and regulatory challenges. The experienced and dedicated Strategic Communications advisers at Accountants on Air, can provide business critical counsel to protect and enhance a company’s value and reputation. Whether the challenge is to communicate a unique value proposition, manage the pressures associated with R&D productivity and patent expirations, or succeed in the face of global pricing pressures. Our team of professionals have the experience to develop a strategic approach to engaging a broad scope of stakeholders, including internal audiences, investors, partners, patients, payers, policymakers, providers, as well as those at the board level. We work closely with clients to update them with the current state of HSAs in the employer, Medicaid, and individual markets. Much of that may be due to several conflicting Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Affordable Care Act (ACA) policies.