Private Equity

Putting Capital to Work, Making Companies Stronger.


In this Century, private equity firms of all sizes are building value-creation models at a time when it’s harder to generate the outsized returns limited partner investors have come to expect. Private equity is often viewed as a fairly recent phenomenon, a type of investment that seemingly came out of nowhere and swiftly established itself as a mainstay in the financial universe. In fact, private equity can trace its origins back to the immediate aftermath of the second world war and the formation of the Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation.


Accountants on Air primary objective is to help clients evaluate risk in order to execute transactions effectively and efficiently. We swiftly identify and help to quantify risk, and then construct structural and contractual frameworks to allocate that risk. During the investment period, we help portfolio companies deal with issues that surfaced during and after the acquisition, and address emerging legal risks to prepare for an ultimate sale.