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Jacob G. Krief

Jacob G. Krief, JD, LLM
New York, New York

Jacob G. Krief

Tax Specialist and Advisor

Having started out as a Trusts and Estates attorney, Jacob Krief has worked at law firms, accounting firms, and financial institutions. He has a thorough knowledge of the complexities involved in servicing high net worth individuals and the challenges they face in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. As an all around tax expert, Jacob Krief also services clients that may not be considered high net worth, but are equally important. All of his clients get the same service and respect expected of a professional expert who prepares and reviews tax returns.

Jacob's career has touched on many areas of tax law including international tax, investment partnerships, nonprofits, and the full gamut of issues relevant for individuals, trusts, and estates.

In addition to being a lawyer, Jacob Krief also wears the hat of an accountant and has prepared and reviewed a variety of tax returns. The list below represents a mere thumbnail's sketch of the returns in which he is an expert preparer and reviewer.

706 Estate Tax
709 Gift Tax
990's for nonprofits and tax exempt organizations
1040 Individual
1041 Trusts
1065 Partnerships

Jacob Krief is Bar Certified in New York and New Jersey, has Enrolled Agent certification with the Internal Revenue Service, and is a Certified Tax Coach, a designation awarded him from the American Association of Certified Tax Planners.


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