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Jeff Stolper

Jeff Stolper
Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Jeff Stolper

Chief Savings Officer

My mission is to help you to live a happier life by a more efficient use of your hard earned dollars. Let our trained advocates save you from overseas call centers and negotiate for you to receive the services you need at a reduced price. The savings will provide you with an opportunity to live a more iDeal life.
Everyone has their own iDeal, we will help you to create yours.
Accountants on Air Savings' Team delivers the highest quality bill reduction services in the industry.
Pay less for the same or better services with your current monthly service providers.
We work on any monthly recurring bills except utilities & mortgage. (cable, cell phone, car/home insurance, home security, trash, storage units, etc.)
We work with your existing vendors to reduce the costs on your monthly recurring bills for the same level of service or better.
Our average savings for individuals is $1,500- $2,000 a year and for businesses it is much more!
It's a no-brainer to work with us as we always get savings for our clients and if you are the first that we don't, there is no fee as we are totally performance based.
So, set up your appointment now for a complimentary savings review.
Our slogan is "Have More." and we invite you to "Have More" as an Accountants on Air client. You deliver the bills and we deliver the savings.


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